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In 1924 P.J. Van Heugten and his wife started in Amersfoort with the manufacture of saddle covers and cycling gloves. After buying a needle felt machine for the production of jute underlay, they commenced producing 1.5 m wide rolls of hair felt carpet with a bitumen backing in the early 1950s.

The first wall to wall carpet that could be laid loose!

Van Heugten experimented with leftover pieces and the idea of the Heuga carpet tiles was born. Initially it was only 25 x 25 cm in size, but then the successful 50 x 50 cm size was introduced.

In 1970, Peter Thannhauser, the eldest grandson of the inventor of carpet tiles, started his own carpet company Continental Carpets. Continental Carpets not only sells locally manufactured carpet tiles but also imports carpet tiles made by Uncle Piet Van Heugten and carpet tiles made by Peter Thannhauser's cousin Peter Van Heugten in Holland.

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Continental Carpets boasts the largest selection and stockist of carpet tiles in Australia.

Piet Van Heugten developed the production process of his Kela carpet tiles himself. It began with the manufacture of wall-to-wall rolls of carpet. Each roll is given a heavy, well-insulating bitumen backing and a non-woven glass fibre coating, so that the tiles do not need to be glued and stay in place. Next, the rolls are cut into tiles using a unique method. Thanks to this cutting technique, the carpet tile floor of many Kela carpet tiles appear absolutely seamless on any level supporting floor.

This production process is so flexible that it is always possible to deliver rapidly, even in special colours. No wonder that Piet Van Heugten's Kela carpet tiles come out on top in every quality test, time and time again.