Advantages of carpet tiles

At Continental Carpets we provide a wide variety of commercial and domestic floor covers, however we specialise in carpet tiles. We believe that carpet tiles are an excellent product for a wide range of uses. The following are just some of the reasons why we think carpet tiles are great:

Carpet tiles can be rotated from high traffic areas to moderate traffic areas to maximise wear and appearance retention.

Easy access to floor mounted computer and electrical outlets, eliminating the need to disturb the entire carpeted surface area.

50cm x 50cm tiles may be adhered to floor surface by utilising full adhesive spread, spot glue or double-face taped as desired.

Damage, spots, and spills can be immediately removed by replacing with a fresh carpet tile.

Use your imagination and create your own unique design by utilising various patterns and colours.

No special tools required. A chalk line, straight edge, sharp utility knife, and some double-faced tape is all you need for a professional looking job.

Simple, quick, and easy to maintain. Just vacuum clean and wash off spots and spills no waxing or special treatments required.

Soft to the touch, and much warmer on the feet than hard surface flooring materials. Carpet tiles naturally absorb and dampen noises.

Smaller quantities can be transported right to your door. No special handling equipment required to unload.

Special factory overstocks and materials left from large installations available at special savings.