Our Team

Sales Team

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Graham Schleehauf

Managing Director

Graham has been with Continental Carpets since 1979. During this period, Graham has built an extensive client base and some of Australia's most recognised companies are amongst his portfolio of installations. In his role as General Manager, Graham has also spent a great deal of time in Europe working with floor covering manufacturers.

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Michael Thannhauser

Retail Sales Manager

Michael's role encompasses managing retail sales from our showroom as well as handling stock control & logistics. Michael also manages our international product sourcing division in which he facilitates the importation process directly from several locations globally. Michael's product knowledge is comprehensive, which stems from his time also spent working in factories in Europe & Australia. Michael has & continues to contribute extensively to our family business.

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Don Clifford

Commercial Sales - Internal

Don handles all of our inbound commercial inquiries. Don has had a vast amount of experience in the building industry and welcomes any questions you might have for your next project.

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Mark Nowell

Commercial Sales - External

Mark has extensive flooring industry experience in all aspects of the the floor covering arena across installation, manufacturing commercial & retail sales.

Operations Team

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Bernadette Harkins

Operations Manager

Bernadette has 36 years experience in administration and commenced with us in January 2008. She works closely with management team contributing to the development and implementation of administrative strategies, policies and practices. She ensures organisational effectiveness by providing leadership for the company's financial functions.

Ossie 74f21bf677072d2ce3f36a1eb83c5d8ed2296095f2d83458effd6541455d29f2

Oswald Moane (Ossie)

Warehouse Co-Ordinator

Ossie assists Michael in all matters relating to our warehouse. Ozzie will also be able to help you with expert product advice should you find yourself in our retail showroom.